Nottingham based singer Teresa Marie was introduced to the world of dance music back in 2000 when she was introduced to Ross Alexander by studio engineer Sandy Burnett. Yes... 22 years ago, seems like yesterday.

Under the production aliases Boyz with Toyz and Northernbeat, Ross produced a string of singles and a best of album for Rumour Records and went on to have releases on labels such as Energise Records and Sounds United in Germany.  Teresa retired from the music industry to concentrate on raising her children but in the meantime kept her interest in music alive by joining Nottingham's Lace City Chorus and taking part in projects with the Sing It Bold Community Gospel Choir.

2022 and the good news is Teresa is back in the studio and is back with the team at Pumpin' UK Media. Her first new release is a song from the archives, her stunning version of the French smash hit "Voyage, Voyage". It has been remixed and remodelled and is due for release in April 2022. More news soon.

Teresa Marie - Voyage Voyage (Sleeve).jpg