Lancashire based record label Pumpin' UK Records was originally established in 2006 by Ross Alexander with the support of Duncan Bain. The label was set up to support the growth of undiscovered talent in the area.


A catalogue of dance covers were recorded in a very basic studio set up but with Ross's contacts in the music industry the label grew attracting established artists including Mary Kiani, Rozalla, Angie Brown, Lonnie Gordon, Hannah Jones and USA artists including Pattie Brooks and Linda Clifford courtesy of the legendary Rick Gianatos,

The label became known internationally for its popular compilation series "Pumpin' Anthems", while "100% Cheese" and "Maspalomas  Gay Pride"  have been the most successful to date.

A big supporter of the label was the late Bill Grainger of Fire Island Records in Scotland and Paul Tams of Delicious Multimedia who licensed the likes of Damian, Kelly Marie and Tina Charles to Pumpin' UK Records.

After a 5 year hiatus, Pumpin' UK is back with a fresh new look and sound. Now known as Pumpin' UK Media the company will be encompassing music production / releases and artist development. With a new studio and a back catalogue to refresh and new productions to create we hope you'll follow us on our next chapter.