Limited edition 55 track USB album (credit card size) in Digi Pack



Track Listing

01.   Fade To Grey (Prelude)

02.  Hold Me Now

03.  Temptation

04.  New Song

05.  Something In My House

06.  Hungry Like The Wolf

07.  Enola Gay

08.  Mirror Man

09.  Getting Away With It

10.  I Love My Radio

11.  Fade To Grey (Matt Pop Club Mix)

12. Hold Me Now (Matt Pop Club Mix)

13. Temptation (7th Heaven Club Mix)

14.  New Song (Matt Pop Club Mix)

15.  Something In My House (Matt Pop Obscene Club Mix)

16.  Hungry Like The Wolf (Matt Pop Club Mix)

17.  Enola Gay (Matt Pop Club Mix)

18.  Mirror Man (Matt Pop Club Mix)

19.  Getting Away With It (7th Heaven Club Mix)

20.  I Love My Radio (Matt Pop Club Mix)

21.  Fade To Grey (Rinaldo Montezz Remix)

22.  New Song (JRMX Remix)

23.  Something In My House (JRMX Remix)

24.  I Love My Radio (JRMX Remix)

25. Temptation (Matt Pop Club Mix)


Plus bonus material which includes the Glitter & Twisted

album and remixes plus 9 promo videos.


Ross Alexander - DiscoDrama (USB Album)