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Adam Miller Saturday 1 Sep 2018 8:51 pm

One X Factor contestant learned very quickly not to mess with Ayda Field (Picture: ITV)

X Factor contestant tears into ‘jealous’ Ayda Field and her comeback is sassy AF

When Ayda Field was announced as the new X Factor judge, we’ll hold our hands up, our general response was, ‘huh?’ By now we’ve learned there’s usually method behind Simon Cowell’s madness, but when the announced chart-topping Pussycat Doll and million selling solo artist Nicole Scherzinger was being replaced by a former Loose Women panellist – and not even Jane McDonald – alarm bells rang. Well, X Factor fans, we here to tell you that while Ayda may have never sold a single record, or possibly even sung a note in her life, she is sassy AF and really that is all we need from an X Factor judge, right? The opening episode of the 15th series of Simon’s pride and joy introduces Ross Alexander to the world; arguably the most eccentric act the competition has seen since Honey G. FYI, we still love you Honey.

Ross bursts onto the stage after a bizarre video introduction, a first on X Factor, in a feathered armoured suit and matching head-piece, to belt out what we can only imagine must be his own number without even talking to the judges; which, unsurprisingly turned out to be a bad move. After Ayda told Ross the most boring part of his act was his voice, the hopeful snapped: ‘Do I detect some jealousy there?’

Confused, Ayda smirked: ‘Of the hat?’ And Ross was stunned to silence.

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